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Hello, and welcome to Steve's Britannia. I originally created this website in order to record my efforts to construct a live-steam 5" gauge Britannia locomotive. I started this build in about 1998 and then, for various reasons including a couple of house moves, it took a back seat in my life. In 2011, I built a double garage at our most recent property and converted one half into what I hope will be my final workshop. By the spring of 2013, the garage and workshop were finished and I decided the time was ripe to reinstate the Britannia project.

I am working from a set of drawings from the late Norman Spink which are an updated version of the earlier Perrier drawings, except for the tender which is a BR1G as drawn by Les Warnett and is not strictly correct for this locomotive but is very close to the original BR1 tender. Although there are numerous castings available for this locomotive, I am using bar stock where possible to keep cost down

I've also been working on my late father's 1.1/2" scale Allchin traction engine, and recently started another loco, an Adams O2. Using Don Young's "Fishbourne" drawings as a base, I intend to make a 5" gauge version of "Calbourne", the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's flagship. The website has now been split into four distinct sections, one for each of the three builds and another section for tools and fixtures where they are not specific to any particular model.
14/05/2023 Website redesigned
20/05/2023 Calbourne E4
18/05/2023 Allchin 4
22/05/2023 Calbourne S1

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